[Dixielandjazz] FW: New Euroclub de Jazz Internet radio show

Brian Harvey pembroke.dock02 at ntlworld.com
Wed Mar 9 02:35:58 PST 2005

 Our latest show is about to go 'live' at our web site - address -
Within this new programme I am spotlighting the talents of guys past and
present who I feel deserve recognition.
The featured bands and personalities this time therefore are - Wally Fawkes
Soho Shakers (John R. T. Davies - alto sax); John Petters Swing Band (Cuff
Billett - trumpet); Sydney Zenith Jazz Band (pianist Tom Wood); Creole
Dixieland Jazz Band (Mike Marois tuba); Dan Levinson's Roof Garden Orchestra
(Dan Levinson - C-melody sax); Cell Block 7 Jazz Band (Bob Romans cornet);
St. Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band (Tom Wiggins - drums); Pam Pameijer's New
Jazz Wizards (Matthias Seuffert - clarinet); Eli Newberger - Jimmy Mazzy -
Butch Thompson (all three!); Willie Pajeaud (the legend himself); Peter
Meyer & Buddy Wachter (the two of them); Bob Crosby Bobcats (the Metz
family - well - father and son); Jacques Gauthé (Jacques); Henry Red Allen
(Henry); Tony Pyke and Cuff Billett (Cuff); New Orleans Delight with Cliff
Bastien and George Berry (dedicated to the memory of Bastien and Berry);
Keith Smith Hefty Jazz (Keith); Doc Evans Jazz Band (the Doc).

To hear the show you will need to download (no charge) Windows Media FREE
Player 10.
The address for the download is here -

Happy listening - Brian Harvey

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