FW: [Dixielandjazz] Restoring old 78 rpm jazz recordings

Arnold Day arnieday at optonline.net
Tue Mar 8 07:58:44 PST 2005

Very interesting Jim. The only problem is I can't play the trombone!

Jim Kashishian wrote:

>Arnold wrote a very interesting letter on the subject:
>1. "78s" (especially early ones) were actually cut at an rpm of anywhere
>between roughly 75 and 83, so playback at the right speed/pitch needs
>4. The signal level from most turntables is too low for recording through
>the line-in jack of a computer soundcard.
>To see how I solved the two above points go to www.kashprod.com/eng/galeria
>and click on "The Studio at Kash".  There, in the top row of photos one can
>see my solution.  I used a replica of an old player, placing a SoundField (4
>capsule) microphone in front of the horn.  I recorded onto the AMS Neve
>AudioFile hard disk editor which is incorporated in my Neve digital mixing
>desk.  (See photo to the right of the one with the player.)
>To solve problem number 1, I used my trombone to play along with the music
>until we had it at the right tone.  This was a digital collection of Spanish
>Pasadobles being collected off of original "oldies" (thick 78's)for the
>composer's grandson.
>Cedar noise removal was used to clean up the music, along with the filters
>on the console which are marvelous.  AudioFile has all the "change speed
>with no effect on pitch" tricks, etc., although we did the pitch by
>correcting the speed on the actual player.  
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