FW: [Dixielandjazz] Restoring old 78 rpm jazz recordings

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Tue Mar 8 01:02:02 PST 2005

Arnold wrote a very interesting letter on the subject:

1. "78s" (especially early ones) were actually cut at an rpm of anywhere
between roughly 75 and 83, so playback at the right speed/pitch needs
4. The signal level from most turntables is too low for recording through
the line-in jack of a computer soundcard.

To see how I solved the two above points go to www.kashprod.com/eng/galeria
and click on "The Studio at Kash".  There, in the top row of photos one can
see my solution.  I used a replica of an old player, placing a SoundField (4
capsule) microphone in front of the horn.  I recorded onto the AMS Neve
AudioFile hard disk editor which is incorporated in my Neve digital mixing
desk.  (See photo to the right of the one with the player.)

To solve problem number 1, I used my trombone to play along with the music
until we had it at the right tone.  This was a digital collection of Spanish
Pasadobles being collected off of original "oldies" (thick 78's)for the
composer's grandson.


Cedar noise removal was used to clean up the music, along with the filters
on the console which are marvelous.  AudioFile has all the "change speed
with no effect on pitch" tricks, etc., although we did the pitch by
correcting the speed on the actual player.  

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