[Dixielandjazz] Astute observation of reality

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Some years ago the band played for a Japanese Construction firm.  This was a
very high end party at the St. Louis Club which is about the most posh place
in town.  There were about 100 guests, mostly Japanese.  The president of
the firm danced with every wife there and all the execs and most of the
guests had taken dancing lessons at company expense.  There were three
professional photographers.  One was a portrait photographer, one was doing
large format and the third was taking 35 mm candids.  Unfortunately they
were all from different studios and the large format and the 35mm gal argued
rather nastily all evening about  who was  stealing and getting in the way
of whose shots. (who cares?)

Every Japanese person there had a camera and proceeded to take photos of
everybody and everything.  The CEO had his picture taken dancing with
everyone's wife.  The band and singer were also a main attraction for their

When I got out of there I was almost snow blind to say nothing of the blue
spots that doubled as notes. (blue notes?)
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> Tom,
> I'd have to agree with you there -- every night that I go out to hear
OKOM, there will be at least one or two large groups of Asian tourists who
are seriously into the music.  Many of them tell us that they came to New
Orleans specifically to hear our local bands (and I'm surprised at how many
of them are musicians too).
> Sue
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