[Dixielandjazz] OKOM in California--why?

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> But watch out for forest fires, mud slides and especially earthquakes.
> Jerry Gordon, Troy, NY - Web master for
> http://timesunion.com/communities/jazz

Not a problem where I live Jerry:

It survived it all at least once before, the ground here is bedrock full of 
sea shells and fossilized critters from days of yore when them La Brea Tar Pits 
was catching Dinosaurs and such.   And the closest forest to catch fire is up 
near where Bob Ringwald lives.

They claim we had 244 earthquakes eight under our city last year, and I might 
have felt a slight jolt from two of them.  Not too worried about the Really 
really Big one any more than I am worried about the Ruskies or N. Korea coming 
over here to Nuke the corn fields of Iowa.  I am however quite worried about 
the spread of Montezuma's revenge raging across the country from the great 
Mexico migration, so much so that I am considering selling out and moving down to 
Mexico on the Sea of Cortez below the migration path.

I will be taking up a new profession down there, fishing and drinking 
Might even start an OKOM gig in the Cantina and just play for Margaritas and 
an occasional Senorita.


Tom Ole' Wiggins

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