[Dixielandjazz] Beyond Salvation at Santa Rosa 7/3/05 (was Re: select instrument groups )

David Richoux tubaman at batnet.com
Tue Jun 28 18:36:45 PDT 2005

Hi all,

  Since the threads are still tangled in odd instrument groups, I 
thought it would be good to tell you all about a newish 5 piece band 
that plays all sorts of odd things. No accordions or bagpipes, but lots 
of other interesting things. Beyond Salvation is playing for 
T.R.A.D.J.A.S.S. this Sunday 1 - 530PM at the "Last Day Saloon" in 
Santa Rosa CA. I have not heard them in this particular formation but I 
have either worked with or heard all of the individual musicians:
Tom Barnebey - Leader, cornet, t-bone, sousaphone, piano, vocals, 
kazoo, uke
Brian Campbell - Bass sax, clar, "other" reeds, vocals
Ken Keeler - banjo, guitar
Pete Main - clar, sop sax, sopranino sax, alto sax, sarrusophone, uke, 
duck call
Ray Walker - clar, sop sax, t sax, cornet, uke

The neat thing is that they don't seem to be afraid to try any 
combination of these instruments and voices and the range of songs they 
do is huge! All Ukes & Banjo, will they even try a tuba, sarrusophone 
and bass sax trio?

My idea of a potential good time ;-)  a bit more at 

Unfortunately I have a conflicting gig on this busy 4th of July weekend 

Dave Richoux

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