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The problem with the cheap click barrel is that they wear and move very
easily after a while.  Just a slight push will shove it all the way in..  My
horn, because of the very large bore, requires it to be pushed all the way
in anyway.  The more expensive click barrel will lock in place which is much
better.   A normal horn should not require the barrel all the way in. I have
a couple of student horns that work just fine on the standard barrel.

I would suggest the more expensive click barrel because of the locking
rings.  My click barrel has a crack in it and wants to tear up the cork.
They are kind of weak in the joint so be careful with it.

My suggestion is to have a barrel shortened and then use tuning rings if you
need to lengthen the barrel any.  I think they come in .5 and 1 mm
thickness.  They are stuck in with cork grease if you want them to be semi

Try e-bay --- odd things show up there.
Larry -- St. Louis
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> Bill Haesler <bhaesler at bigpond.net.au> asked
> > Dear friends,
> > (This one for clarinet players only. Technical stuff.
> > Others may want to delete now.)
> > My mate John McCarthy, another of Australia's great reedmen, is trying
> > buy a Bradley adjustable (59mm - 69mm) barrel for his clarinet.
> > He saw one advertised in a printed cattledog from about 1998.
> > However, I have tried, on John's behalf, to track down this Bradley
> > for him, via Google, with no luck.
> > Have Bradley gone out of business?
> > Other makers have models which start at 61mm.
> > I am assured that there is an audible difference between 59mm and 61mm
> > clarinet barrels.
> > Any help locating a source for this particular Bradley barrel would be
> > appreciated.
> Dear Bill:
> Don't know if this is a Bradley or not but check out
> "Click Tuning Barrel for Clarinet - Seven barrels in one (61mm-67mm). A
> system of mechanical interlocks greatly simplifies the process of tuning a
> clarinet. Simply pushing the thumb wheel in an upward or downward
> will increase or decrease the inside length of the barrel. A distinct
> both audible and tactile, is noticeable at each setting."
> See http://www.northwestmusic.ca/h-access.htm
> Scroll down till you get to it in the woodwind section.
> BTW: Barrel length affect the sharpness or flatness. Shorter = sharper. I
> carry two just incase the piano is out of tune. Short one is a 63mm,
> design for Buffet. Works great on my Selmer. Never heard the need on my
> horns for 59mm. ;-) VBG.
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone
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