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One of the guys that I work for is really good with photoshop.  He just puts
a new head on the old photo on his web site.
Larry - St. Louis
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> "LARRY  <sign.guy at charter.net>, wrote (polite snip)
> > The only problem that I ran into is photos.  People expect to see the
> > guys as in the publicity photos.  To fix this I only use my photo now.
> > your band has been together for "years".  (Musician years are kind of
> > dog years in reverse and resemble others minutes.  10 minutes = 10
> > If your band has been together for "Real" years then Maybe you don't
have a
> > problem.
> And Dave Richoux added
> > Even worse for publicity and photos - when a band has been around for
> > many years with just a few personnel changes and we send out an
> > entirely new "press packet" which gets totally ignored by the festival
> > program book maker (I won't call them a graphic designer ;-) and they
> > instead  dig up a 15 year old photo and band bio  to print...>
> Yep, a definite problem. What Barbone Street did about 10 years ago is
> sending publicity photos of the band. Instead, my graphic artist daughter
> designed a band logo, like the Toulouse Lautrec poster of Aristide Bruant.
> She then painted an acrylic poster for me which we displayed at gigs.
> Later she computer designed the logo, and I had a poster of it printed and
> framed. We still use it at gigs. Picture shows a street sign with our
> and "Bruant" holding a clarinet. Other than that it is pretty close to
> Lautrec's poster. Her "original" painting now hangs in my office.
> Since we work so many gigs, (we work with about 40 different jazz
> here in the area from Washington DC to NYC) it would be a chore to get an
> accurate personnel photo. Thus the reproduction of the band logo serves a
> dual purpose. One, it eliminates old band pictures with the "wrong"
> personnel and much more importantly, it establishes a visual presence, or
> recognition of the band logo. (which is also repeated on our business
> flyers, letterhead, invoices, gig quotations, contracts etc., etc.)
> The logo/poster also eliminates some idiot coming up from the audience and
> complaining "Hey, this isn't who I expected to see." I also make sure to
> point out in the press kit that the band personnel vary because of our
> busy schedule and booking of overlapping jobs. (In that vein, we have
> already firmly booked 29 gigs for 2005 and 6 bands on Mardi Gras) And like
> Lester Lanin, if a client insists that I be there (many do but that's
> another story) I find I can charge more.
> The goal we set for the logo was "Band/Brand Identification". Very
> from just a photo of the band.
> To see the logo poster visit;  http://www.barbonestreet.com
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone
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