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Charlie Hooks charliehooks2 at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 28 11:23:26 PDT 2005

On Monday, June 27, 2005, at 11:06 PM, Graham Martin wrote:

> "Friday Night (7:00-8:00):  A group led by Ken Peplowski with Joe 
> Cohn (guitar), Eddie Higgins (piano), Keter Betts (bass), Charlie 
> Brougham (drums), Jon-Erik Kellso (trumpet), and Bob Havens 
> (trombone)."

Just wanted to say what a line-up this must have been!  I've worked with
Havens on festivals and Eddie Higgins is, after all, from Chicago; 
but Charlie Brougham, for those unfortunates who don't know him, is 
one of the  greatest drummers I've worked with--and those include 
Barrett Deems, Butch Miles, and Jerry McKinzie.   My regular drummer 
for over 20 years was Rusty Jones (Isham Jones II), formerly with 
George Shearing (6 years all over the world) and Marian McPartland 
for several years. Rusty Jones is one helluva player and his rep in 
Chicago is awesome.  But when Rusty was gone, I always tried to hire 
Charlie Broughm if I could get him.  He not only knew where I was 
going at all times--he knew before I did!  That sunovagun is a 
psychic!  And an absolute sweetheart to have on the stand.  I envy 
anyone who gets to play with him.

"A judge who looks outside the constitution looks inside himself, and 
nowhere else."--Robt. H. Bork

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