[Dixielandjazz] We solved the problem! Music?

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Hey folks,

It is obvious that most of you if not all of you have never heard any 
authentic Iraqi Music.

They have bands there everywhere consisting of Zorna and Dawola,   
Flute and Drum (singular)  they play for three days straight at 
weddings and dances and parties.


As a matter of fact I would venture to say that the origin of the 
bagpipe sound actuallly came from the ancient Zorna sound.
A heard of Arkansas razorbacks squealing is about as ( no make that 
"more" ) pleasing to the ear than the sound of that authentic music.   
But everybody there will drop whatever they are dong and dance for days 
to it.

I just disposed of about 500 left over  copies of a Cassette I had of 
it on my lable, not about to convert them to CDs.  :))

There are however about 10,000 copies of it around Detroit, Michigan, 
and another 10,000 copies in Chicago should you  really want to hear it.


Tom Wiggins
 once , aka  "Tuma Bet Wiggins" in some circles.

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   Charlie Hooks wrote: 
 > On Monday, June 27, 2005, at 12:52 AM, Kaye Wade wrote: 
  >> We have consulted, and we think the way to win the war in Iraq is 
to >> get 500 washboards to Iraq and march thru doing a washboard 
concert >> without musicians! : ) 
  > This is a splendid idea! But your confidence in washboards alone may 
 > be misplaced: I would feel much more confident if they were flanked 
by > a reserve battalion of banjos. 
 > Charlie 
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