[Dixielandjazz] OKOM sighting Plainville MA

Ron L'Herault lherault at bu.edu
Mon Jun 27 08:25:10 PDT 2005

Yes, it was me with the somewhat abbreviated "Jim Burke and the Dixie All
Stars"*.  Our piano player never found us.  Seems we were told the wrong
division first then the wrong location twice after that.  It was very very
hot.  I'm just glad we were not walking.   I'm glad it sounded OK.  We will
return to Plainville twice this summer/fall.  Once we will be playing in the
park mentioned below for their summer concert series, a return engagement
for us.  I think this is in July or early August - my calendar is at home.
The next time will be for the Senior Citizens in Plainville and, depending
on the weather may be in the park or in their Senior Center where we played
last year.  The whole band was impressed with the Senior Center.  It is
bright clean, inviting and staffed a group of very caring people.

*thusly named because a Southern Rock band started calling themselves the
Dixie All Stars without knowing that we had used the name for years before
they formed.  Some of their fans showed up at our gigs and were very
perplexed, and not pleased at the confusion.

Ron L

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This past weekend Plainville MA celebrated its 100th birthday (one of the
youngest towns in Massachusetts for sure), and there was at least 1
dixieland band.   I say at least one, because i was stuck in the town park
gazebo setting up sound equipment while the parade passed me by; it had to
be close to 100 degrees, i was in the shade and had been up late the nite
before, er, practicing! yes, that's it, and may have dozed off for a little

I'm wondering if Ron L'Herault was playing, as he is from the next town
over?  they sounded pretty strong to me.

Sean McGuire
Plainville MA

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