[Dixielandjazz] The Nature of the DJML - Was Euro Jazz Chat List?

Elazar Brandt jazzmin at actcom.net.il
Sun Jun 26 15:44:17 PDT 2005

Hey, Steve, I would post more about the vibrant OKOM scene in Israel, but you
might have to give me another 10 or 20 years until I can create one. We're doing
our best over here.

As for the whole being greater than the parts, our Doctor jazz group is still
trying to figure out why we are sounding so good as a group, when so many of our
players have no OKOM experience as individuals. We had another gig tonight, our
trio version of the group, and we drew some new fans from the other tables at
the restaurant where we were playing for a private party on their patio. We seem
to have found a nice groove in which the whole most definitely is sounding
better than the parts.

Doctor Jazz Band
Tekiya Trumpet Ensemble
Jerusalem, Israel
Tel: +972-2-679-2537

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> Come on, you folks in Europe. POST. Tell us about the vibrant OKOM scene in
> Europe and your thoughts on why it is so vibrant. We Americans would surely
> learn a thing or two.

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