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Thanks for the og of memory. 
Ray Nobles twosided record in the 30's. "Turkish Delight"  
Ah Hah, Once there was a caliph -----
Regarding the hindsight of the issue of Miller  et-al on sweet and swing.
The presence of Jazz and Swing and Sweet were intermixed by the DJ's of the day. The radio stations played music covering all spectrums. Many had request programs and if you could get through to the station, and had a particular request, usually it was played. With the advent of the sweet listeners, mostly High School kids. we of the JAZZ genre had to try and find records of performers in the record shop, some were placed i the "Race " record category and wereonly available another part of town 
Swing and dancing were hand -in-hand, until FS entered the picture and then sweet became the item of the day. 
The 30's were an eclectic mix and you could pick and choose, from Bob Wills to TD to GM to Lunceford, Basie and sometimesPanassies (sp) Hot club of France. What a pot-pouri .
Possibly only worth a farthing
Ye Olde Mouldy Fygge
Ed Coltrin

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