[Dixielandjazz] tuned to ESPN?

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That's a great idea, Charlie... now, to sell the city on the concept!

Something similar is happening in the Los Angeles area and has been going on
for several years now. Every Sunday, the city of Montrose closes off a
section of a downtown street for the Montrose Farmer's Market. Among the
food and other goods, you'll find a New Orleans styled band named Gremoli
playing jazz
from 10am to 2pm. Other cities also have events for which some sort of band
is playing for a large crowd of listeners. And they're playing the music
which most of us like. It's giving those bands a great way to remind the
general public that the music we like can still be found. And what a way to
introduce this music to those who wouldn't normally hear it!

Hopefully, if we teach these smaller towns and villages that this music can
be an attraction at a town event, more bands will get a chance to "strut
their stuff" in public.

Is there a better way for those bands to make new fans?

Stan Brager
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> May this can start a trend?
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> > Partymouth will play at the Port-A-Party tonight
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> > Kelly Miller, owner of Flytrap's, rented the Port-A-Party to put in
> > the street at 505 S. Main St. for this weekend. The portable bar has
> > four televisions and creates a venue for a band to play.
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> > http://www.etruth.com/News/Content.aspx?ID=351115&page=
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