[Dixielandjazz] Bob Ringwald, where you?

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very well said, bill

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> Some of  the highly charged comments on recent topics are likely to result 
> in
> strong  responses. I am maintaining silence with a great deal of 
> difficulty
> but if  there is no caution from the site as to where we go with this I 
> will
> be  responding to the posters with my unqualified opinions. Please save us
> from  from a nasty war of words in these matters.
> Cheers, Glen  Page.
> Sure we talk about something as important as getting musical instruments
> into kids hands and music programs in schools and people got to run to 
> Mommy . .
> . "Bob, please . . . save us..."
> Give me a break and get a back bone.
> I, and others endure topics about washboards, kazoos, how do you pronounce
> someone's name, bordellos, buying drinks for the band . . . threads about 
> "What
> A Wonderful World" . . . was Guy Lombardo really a jazz band, along with a
> thousand really stupid jokes that have nothing whatsoever to do with music 
> . .
> .  and that's all ok.
> But I come along and voice an opinion about where musical instruments for
> kids might do the most good and be the most appreciated . . . along with
> thoughts about school music programs or the lack thereof and the causes . 
> . .  no,
> no, no . . . we can't have that thought passing your fingers.
> Man, I thought I was still in America and you had your opinions and I had
> mine and we both had a right to voice them. And I thought this list was 
> about
> jazz and traditional jazz and dixieland jazz . . . and about promoting and
> continuing the art.
> Just how do you expect to do that without passing it on to the kids? Not 
> all
> kids learn their music in government schools. Not all kids learn music in
> schools period. MANY of your top jazz artists as well as those up & coming
> learn music in privately (and mostly underfunded) schools . . . and a TON 
> of  them
> grew up playing and singing gospel in the churches.
> There is nothing off-topic about my comments . . . in fact, it may be more
> central to the point and deeper than 95% of all the threads that have been
> posted over the past year. Maybe it simply went over some folks heads.
> You want people to buy OKOM? Sports programs in schools are not going to
> foster that appreciation . . . nor are kids who know nothing about playing
> instruments other than computers or keyboards going to buy it. And just 
> performing
> for them is only one part of the equation.
> So have some courtesy, allow me my say . . . and grow up. You don't need 
> to
> go running to Mommy Bob every time you read something you don't agree with
> here.  I don't and I read it all the time. I have also learned to use the 
> delete
> button  when I happen upon a thread I have no interest in. You ought to 
> try it.
> Bill
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