[Dixielandjazz] Bob Ringwald, where you?

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Fri Jun 24 18:56:58 PDT 2005

a most wonderful invention, the 'delete' key. Avoids topics or contribitors who get vexatious or verbose. Leaves one with time and enthusiasm for the music. Best spent on practising the instrument or, cleaning up LPs 78s for transfer to cd. Last night's 2 hour drive home from a country gig was made most pleasant as we could listen to just such music. Deleted nearly 1000 messages last week and got on with the recording. No need for policing, hit the delete key and just read the good offerings.

Tony Orr
antipodean banjo

>In a message dated 6/24/2005 4:45:28 P.M. Central Standard Time,  
>gpage at dccnet.com writes:
>Some of  the highly charged comments on recent topics are likely to result in
>strong  responses. I am maintaining silence with a great deal of difficulty
>but if  there is no caution from the site as to where we go with this I will
>be  responding to the posters with my unqualified opinions. Please save us
>from  from a nasty war of words in these matters.
>Cheers, Glen  Page.
>Sure we talk about something as important as getting musical instruments  
>into kids hands and music programs in schools and people got to run to Mommy . .  
>. "Bob, please . . . save us..."
>Give me a break and get a back bone.
>I, and others endure topics about washboards, kazoos, how do you pronounce  
>someone's name, bordellos, buying drinks for the band . . . threads about "What 
> A Wonderful World" . . . was Guy Lombardo really a jazz band, along with a  
>thousand really stupid jokes that have nothing whatsoever to do with music . . 
>.  and that's all ok.
>But I come along and voice an opinion about where musical instruments for  
>kids might do the most good and be the most appreciated . . . along with  
>thoughts about school music programs or the lack thereof and the causes . . .  no, 
>no, no . . . we can't have that thought passing your fingers.
>Man, I thought I was still in America and you had your opinions and I had  
>mine and we both had a right to voice them. And I thought this list was about  
>jazz and traditional jazz and dixieland jazz . . . and about promoting and  
>continuing the art.
>Just how do you expect to do that without passing it on to the kids? Not  all 
>kids learn their music in government schools. Not all kids learn music in  
>schools period. MANY of your top jazz artists as well as those up & coming  
>learn music in privately (and mostly underfunded) schools . . . and a TON of  them 
>grew up playing and singing gospel in the churches.
>There is nothing off-topic about my comments . . . in fact, it may be more  
>central to the point and deeper than 95% of all the threads that have been  
>posted over the past year. Maybe it simply went over some folks heads.
>You want people to buy OKOM? Sports programs in schools are not going to  
>foster that appreciation . . . nor are kids who know nothing about playing  
>instruments other than computers or keyboards going to buy it. And just  performing 
>for them is only one part of the equation.
>So have some courtesy, allow me my say . . . and grow up. You don't need to  
>go running to Mommy Bob every time you read something you don't agree with 
>here.  I don't and I read it all the time. I have also learned to use the delete 
>button  when I happen upon a thread I have no interest in. You ought to try it.
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