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 Hi Bob,
 Some of the highly charged comments on recent topics are likely to result in
 strong responses. I am maintaining silence with a great deal of difficulty
 but if there is no caution from the site as to where we go with this I will
 be responding to the posters with my unqualified opinions. Please save us
 from from a nasty war of words in these matters.
 Cheers, Glen Page.

Let's just start a new thread Glen, this one will die quickly,

How about starting one like this:

The Original Dixieland Jazz Band stole all their songs from a very famous 
Bluegrass band, called the Hatfields Mountain stompers,  and then stole all the 
songs from that other famous group the McCoy Moonshiners Philharmonic Dance 
Orchestra and  Other side of the Mountain Chorus Ensemble.

Both fine musical groups had Internationally ( well inter valley anyway) 
known REAL Jug players and washboardist who actually invented American Jazz and 
smoked a lot of handrolled cigarettes named after that famous washboardist who 
started the camp fires with a LUCKY STRIKE on the washboard that sent a spark 
to the firepit that had been doused with moonshine as starter fluid.

Rumor has it that Bil Gunter was in one of those bands, and no doubt the 
legend has inspired the famous Burning Man festivities on the West Coast.

Now that should change the subject:


Headin' off to find some good old mountain dew. :))  Yehaaa dagnabbit inyway.
Wait up Daisy Mae, 

Tom Wiggins

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