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 Music is one of the very most important educational programs there is. You  
 tell ME why it's not happening.
Perhaps becasue the Music Teachers, did not join the fight with the other 
teachers to keep and maintain their program and sat idly by watching themselves 
get cut out of the budget FIRST.

In California the Teachers do not set the budgets, nor do they sign the 
checks to spend the or allocate the money.

The collosal problem is the total mismangement of the systems that has been 
totally out of control for over thirty years.   It is run generally 
administratively by EX Military people using Military mentality and a lot of the hiring 
practices criteria at least in California when I worked for them was that 
anybody who was ex-Navy could get a job with the Oakland Public School System.  You 
could of course never fire anyone, you had to use the military system and 
promote the idiot up and out of your department to get rid of the incompetent, 
unfortunately we often wouind up working under the direction of the idiots they 
promoted up and out, who laughed all the way to retirement makingmore money 
than them.  When I was hired I was the Only employee in that department who was 
not ex-Navy  because I was only 16 years old when they hired me and not yet 
old enough to be in the Military, fortunately for me.   But that's another 
argument.  :))

Everyone is For a Budget cut to save taxes and money going out of their own 
pockets, but let someone try and cut the program that covers their pay check 
and all Hell breaks loose.

Union or no Union.


Tom Wiggins

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