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Fri Jun 24 14:16:55 PDT 2005

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Phooey  on this crap. It doesn't belong on DJML. It's not the union's fault
that  they don't teach music in California schools.
Burt  Wilson

Phooey on you. A discussion about school music programs and donating  
instruments for kids belongs here every bit as much as any other nonsense topic  I've 
seen come up here 2 or 3 times a week for several years.
You don't like it, pass over it.
If it's not the union's fault, then who's is it? I am very sure that in  
California it is no different than our state where the teacher's union is the  
most powerful political lobby in the state. They are the ones deciding budgets  
and what's going to be taught. Now I realize that administration is pretty  
messed up in many, many ways, but the teachers union has vast power over that  
Music is one of the very most important educational programs there is. You  
tell ME why it's not happening.

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