[Dixielandjazz] Yet Another Donated Instrument Request

BillSargentDrums at aol.com BillSargentDrums at aol.com
Fri Jun 24 11:19:48 PDT 2005

In a message dated 6/24/2005 1:03:51 P.M. Central Standard Time,  
lherault at bu.edu writes:

I've  made the acquaintance of a fine drummer who would like to set up an
early  style drum kit.  One thing he really wants is that rack that
mounts  above a bass drum.  I think it held temple blocks (coconuts) and
maybe  other things.

The only thing available, with spending bucko bucks for an antique is a  
modern day rack system like Gibralter.
In fitting more with an early drum style and the times, and maybe  
budgetarily, he'd be better off fashioning plumbing pipes and painting them  black.
Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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