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Fri Jun 24 07:23:24 PDT 2005

Our "Attic Drums" Mission 
If you're a drummer, I'm sure you've noticed how much new  equipment is 
manufactured each and every year. Considering that drumsets, unless  abused, never 
wear out . . . nor do cymbals. 
It is my guess, that currently, there are far more drumsets in  existence 
than there are people who play them. 
So, where are all these drumsets? In attics, basements, spare  rooms and 
garages all across America. 
Why are they there? Because "My son used to play, but he moved  away to . . . 
" or "I used to play and then I got married" or "My dad was a  professional 
drummer, but he passed away . . ." or I used to be in a band, but I  just don't 
have time to play anymore" or a thousand other scenarios. 
Sometimes you see them pop up for sale in your local paper or on  your 
grocery store bulletin board. 
It occurred to me that there are churches and schools in need of  drums both 
here and abroad in the missions field. 
I had one lady call me one day and ask if I knew anyone who could  use a 
drumset. Her husband used to play professionally and he had recently  passed away. 
She was thrilled when I told her that they could be put to good use  for the 
Lord in a local church. Those drums now help people to praise and  worship 
every Sunday at the Spanish-speaking Eternal Rock church in  Milwaukee. 
I was asked if I could do anything with a bunch of shells, rims  and hardware 
that were sitting in the back room of our local Christian school.  Within 
days after taking possession of them,  I received a call from a  worship team 
that was traveling to Peru to teach a church how to worship  musically and they 
needed to take them a drumset. I refurbished the drums and  they are now in the 
Lord's service in Peru where the people had never seen a  drumset before . . 
. ever! 
Who do you know that has a drumset that is unused, that would love  to seem 
them in service to the Lord? 
How about this; the next time you see an ad for a drumset for  sale, take a 
chance - give them a call and ask if they would be interested in  donating them 
to a church or school in need. They could take the tax deduction  and have 
the satisfaction of knowing the drums are serving the Lord. 
The Lord says we have not because we ask not -  "...you do  not have because 
you do not ask." James 4:2 NKJV 
Now that you are aware of the need, you can keep your eyes and  ears open for 
opportunity. Drummers For Jesus - Wisconsin Chapter will gladly  accept those 
drums and place them in areas of need for the Lord. 

I have noticed that many drummers keep drum heads on their drums  WAY past 
their musical life. They're totally pock-marked, scuffed, coating gone  with 
rips repaired with duct tape. SOMEtimes, this is purely due to ignorance,  but 
far more often it is due to finances. They simply can't afford  replacements. 
So they continue to play on them and then wonder why so many  people in the 
congregation are "anti-drums". The answer is simple, because they  sound bad . 
. . they're musically offensive. 
If you're like me, you change your heads when they start to get  the least 
bit worn. My discards are far better than what many drummers play  on. 
It used to be that, being the pack-rat I am, I used to let them  pile up in 
the garage. Now, I give them to Christian drum students at the local  Christian 
school. Or I use them to replace heads on drums in churches. Or I put  them 
on the drums we gave away to the church or the mission field. 
If you discard your drum heads while still in good condition,  please 
consider donating them to Drummers For Jesus - Wisconsin Chapter. We will  have them 
available when we find needy places for them. 

Once again, if you're a pack-rat like me, and you've been playing  for a 
while, chances are you have drum parts & hardware you no longer use.  Drummers For 
Jesus - Wisconsin Chapter could use those parts and hardware for  when drums 
need refurbishing or replacement parts to enter into the Lord's  service. 

I would like to thank you for your consideration in helping  us with our
"Attic Drums" mission! 

Thank you for your consideration! 
Phone  414-777-0100

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