[Dixielandjazz] Beneke & Klink Sax solo from "In The Mood"

Hal Vickery hvickery at svs.com
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I've heard them played on air checks, etc. and the solos are altogether
different.  This would indicate that they are improvised.

What you're saying reminds me of what I used to think about the 1939
Metronome All-Stars recording called "The Blues."  The take I always heard
had Tommy Dorsey playing "straight" with Jack Teagarden improvising around
him.  So I thought until I picked up a CD several years ago with another
take in which Dorsey's part is altogether different.  Turned out both were

Hal Vickery

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Hal Vickery wrote:

> The original "In the Mood" tenor sax solos(!)were, iirc, played on the
> recording by Tex Beneke and Al Klink, alternating every two bars.

Which may explain why it sounds corny to some folks today. (at least to me)
In my ears it is choppy and seems certain to have been written out and
practiced note for note prior to its recording. Not my kind of "Jazz" if
jazz at all.

The "leaps" by Klink are pretty neat though.

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