[Dixielandjazz] Waltzes, & Tempo for Just The Way You Are

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 22 20:06:28 PDT 2005

"David W. Littlefield" <dwlit at cpcug.org> wrote:
> Steve barbone wrote about playing "Just the way
> you are" in 4/4 rather than bossa beat.
> Steve, what tempo do you suggest? I'm thinking rather slow--I played my
> sheet at 88 and it seemed to work ok.

Yep, that works. We played it around 90 with the 6 piece Dixieland band. In
4/4 keeping the "love song" lyrics in mind. The music says "moderately".

I will do it in a jazz trio version on July 4, as a Bossa nova, with a lot
of improv. Similar to the way the trio does Corcovado. Expect it to work
just fine as that style of jazz also. Will also do it as a jazz Bossa nova
at the wedding in August as "their" song.
Anyone doing "New York State of Mind"? The music says "Slowly with a blues

> Re Waltzes, my rule of thumb is if a dixieland pop tune (as opposed to
> multi-strain) has a nice distinctive chord pattern, it probably was
> originally a waltz, eg. "My gal Sal".
> Those interested in having more waltzes at hand, including most of those
> mentioned in this thread, might check out my fake book "Gig Book"--contents
> on my website
> http://americanmusiccaravan.com

Plug for Sheik. He is THE MASTER of Fake books. If you use them, buy his.

Plug for waltzes that work as jazz tunes; "Some Day My Prince Will Come". We
use it at political fund raisers/parties etc., when the candidate (Male)
walks in. VERY EFFECTIVE, as we easily communicate the reference to
Machiavelli's The Prince  Usually in trio or quartet form with our group
that plays The Great American Songbook Tunes as softly swinging Jazz.

Anyone have a suggestion for Female candidate songs? We need a good tune for
the distaff side.

Steve Barbone

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