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Mon Jun 20 05:40:02 PDT 2005

Logan was jumping this past weekend, and the Boondockers were in top 
form. Was happy to meet a number of listees there, plus some good 
friends from around the country who showed up toke in the fun. And the 
fun was a main reason to make a drive of nearly 500 miles one way to 
take in. Today, my back, legs and other parts of my creaking body know 
it is getting too old to do this very often, but wouldn't have missed it.
The other groups there were also top flight -- Buffalo Ridge Jazz Band 
romped away in high spirited style and  was great to hear.
the Juggernaut JAzz Band made me a believer in good string work -- a 
wonderful, tight little group that is also a very funny band in their 
routines. Great stuff.
Big Mama Sue is a "belter" -- a term meaning one who can belt out a song 
without making it sound like hog calling. Ma Rainey was a belter, and so 
is Big Momma.
The piano strides of Chris Celebrese was worth every mile to took to get 
to Logan. He makes us natural southpaws envious that he could do so much 
with his left hand and still match it with his right. Fine stride, indeed.
Made the tour of the washboard factory -- an interesting place one 
should not neglect seeing if you come down next year. While I admit that 
seeing so many washboards in one place was awesome, I will admit that up 
close they are not as formidable as being up close as the International 
Washboard Players on stage.
Makes one glad that this is not the Logan Accordion Festival -- I would 
have driven 500 miles as well but north to Hudson Bay Canada!!
As to the Boonies - Pepe Du Bois (a.k.a. Bill Gunter) gave us all an 
international version of washboardery; Art 's non-stop one liners and 
other drollities kept us laughing, Gary's intermittent amnesia also made 
for guffaws, Paul Edgerton's reeds added some sophistication in the 
front line, and Jim's trombonistics, including his infamous "Fonk", was 
matched by his mastery of at least five other instruments. Talk about a 
man with problems of decisions making!
Bob kept the piano busy and his vocals on some good tunes were spot on.
Now the windup with the Boonies all playing banjos was new to us this 
year. What next, guys -- group bagpipes? Forget I said that!
Meeting some listees known only by name meant putting a face to go with 
the handles and that was a fun part of the weekend.
Now to work to put a magazine to bed and to write my columns for this 
week. But getting my mind shifted from fun to work may be the hard part 
for it was just one big fun weekend with some good friends, new and old.
Don (and Jean) Ingle

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