[Dixielandjazz] Out from lurking, but why??

Henry Mason hcmsjo at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 23:42:21 PDT 2005

On 6/13/05, Vaxtrpts at aol.com <Vaxtrpts at aol.com> wrote:
> Well, lets see, first of all, I lurk because the only time I get any
> responses on this list is when I say something controversial.  When I say  "nice
> things," it is if I never said anything at all.....

Mike, anyone who can carry the lead book in the Kenton band is a
person of respect and dare I say awe in any venue.   So if you think
you got no respect, it simply ain't so, and welcome friend.

I am very interested in your insights for two reasons.   I not only
play on a big band, but also we are working on a dixie band .   I see
some of the same sound issues for both.   I learned about sound
reinforcement from Buddy Rich.   We always noticed that when he came
to town the band always sounded good even in barns like a high school
gym.  After discussing how his sound setup worked with his sound man,
we started using a similar setup with our big band.  In essence, there
was a microphone on everything and the sound was reinforced to the
point where the band was as loud but no louder at the sides than dead
center at the front of the stage.  That meant that wherever you sat in
that barn you could hear the band the same.

Now we come to OKOM  (yes guys here is the content).    It seems to me
that the same setup would work with a small band, that is reinforced
to the sides to the level of the front.  That is what a good sound man
does IMHO and I would be interested to know if that is not the
approach the Kenton Alumni sound man takes.   You are amplified (to
the stage sides) but overall it isn't much if any louder than you
would hear it from the front row center seat in the audience.

I would be appreciative  of your comments on this issue while wearing
my OKOM hat or as a very tired big band trombonist who just got in
from a gig and yes we did play some Kenton.

Henry Mason
Sentimental Journey Orchestra
Atlanta GA

> 2. I am also one who likes the band to be amplified, unless it is in a very
> small space.  But I only like it with a good sound person.  We had a  TERRIBLE
> one at the Radisson Edgewater Ballroom in Sacramento.  We did a  really fun
> double band set with Nightblooming and the Great American Jazz Band  on Friday
> night and the sound guy almost ruined the whole thing.
> No clue at all!  When we tour with the Stan Kenton Alumni Band (opps,  am I
> allowed to talk about that band here?????)  We bring our own sound  person and
> use the sound systems that are supplied by the venues.  It  states in our
> contract that they are not allowed to touch the system,

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