[Dixielandjazz] Goodbye cassette tapes

Fr M J (Mike) Logsdon mjl at ix.netcom.com
Fri Jun 17 20:47:24 PDT 2005

Thank you, Mr Haesler, for this article.  Having, still, a clear memory 
of my first cassette deck (a present to me from my parents in 1975, at a 
Lake Tahoe campground, which included a "recording session" of my late 
father immortalising a few bars of his favorite country-western singer, 
Charlie Pride, on one of my very first cassettes...), the realisation 
that even I have not bought one single cassette tape, chrome or 
otherwise, for years now, brings a slight teariness to yours truly.

(I have, by the way, that very cassette mentioned above, on which is my 
father's voice, laying beside me at this very moment.  Quite some time 
ago I transferred that track to my computer, and recently remastered it 
as best I could, for posterity.  A 1975 campground never sounded so good.

The physical artifact, itself, is of interest.  It's an Ampex 370 60 
minute ("30 minutes each side," like we needed to be told -- maybe we 
did!) cassette , with these words emblazoned at the top under the 
labelling section:  "LOW NOISE/HIGH OUTPUT CASSETTE."  Maybe back then! 
  It was a very long time ago that I started distrusting even the 
highest bias chrome cassette, name-brand, even!

Ah! bring back the days of SIMPLICITY!),

Fr M J "Mike" Logsdon
Special Assistant to the Presiding Archbishop
North American Old Roman Catholic Church (Utrecht Succession)

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