[Dixielandjazz] Waltzes

glen page gpage at dccnet.com
Fri Jun 17 20:18:13 PDT 2005

Hi Dan.,

There is nothing to prevent a waltz from being played in"dixieland "style. I
would prefer to see it referred to as in the New Orleans idiom though.

Kid Thomas, amongst others not only played Algiers Waltz at dances,which was
the main function of the music a while ago,but recorded it on a few
occasions. Dee Dee Pierce recorded Charmaine, also at a dance.There are
other examples on record also, and no doubt a number of our list mates can
recall either playing or listening to this music without finding it

There are some amongst us who would berate this practice as not swinging or
not catering to the pubescent crowd, and hence not bringing in money for
their commercial gigs.To them I can only respond "chaqun a son gout", sorry
no accents, but please do not tell us what is appropriate to be played in a
style such as may have been employed in the distant past.Not every musician
is playing the music for the money, if there is something there at the end
of the gig that is great but many do not wish to compromise their musical
tastes in order to appeal to a mass audience.
Cheers, Glen Page.

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