[Dixielandjazz] NEW TUNES FOR OKOM?

Arnold Day arnieday at optonline.net
Fri Jun 17 14:52:36 PDT 2005

James Dapogny put a great 6-piece group together for my daughter's 
wedding 4 years ago. He was stunned when she (then 30) went up to him to 
request Grandpa's Spells! Shows she was brought up on the right music.

Steve barbone wrote:

>Funny how things happen. We just booked a jazz wedding for a restaurant
>owner client. He and fiancee are jazz fans, mid 30s. Discussed their wishes
>this morning. 
>Low key, "look like jazz musicians", play Swing/Dixieland/American Songbook.
>"Their song" request? "Just The Way You Are" by Billy Joel. The rhythm
>section knows the tune, but I do not so I thought I'd get it. Almost
>succumbed to getting it free on the web or DJML, but stayed true to the high
>road and went to my local music store for it.
>Ended up buying the complete songbook of Billy Joel Hits for about $40.
>Why? Because I thought, gee, instead of some 80 year old obscure tunes,
>maybe Billy Joel is adaptable to Dixieland and/or Jazz. After looking at
>"Just The Way You Are", which IMO is completely adaptable, I bought the
>whole book.
>Why? Because that age group, say 30 to 60, knows and loves the music of
>Billy Joel. And that's a hard age group from which to garner OKOM fans.
>And we've had some prior success Dixiefying some of the Beetles music.
>Anybody out there doing Billy Joel, or Bruce Springsteen, or? Seems to me to
>be a hell of a way to get more audience in addition to all the other things
>Barbone Street does to attract the jazz oblivious.
>Playing music that people know at places where people are. Just add a little
>JAZZ. What could be simpler?
>Steve Barbone
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