[Dixielandjazz] Teaching Music In Schools

Mike C. mike at michaelcryer.com
Tue Jun 14 21:38:31 PDT 2005

Really good points Steve thanks.

Steve barbone wrote:
> Mike C and Tom W bemoan the lack of teaching music in schools. I don't know
> anything about these days, but in my school daze, they sure as hell did NOT
> TEACH JAZZ. Music? sure. Band? sure. Jazz?  No, that music was reprehensible
> and played only by the scum of the earth.
> IN NYC, if one wanted to "learn" jazz, one either had to take private
> lessons from a jazz player, or go out and teach yourself via listening,
> playing along and then going to sit in at loft sessions.
> Being embarrassed at cutting sessions was an integral part of the course.
> Like, "look man, if you want to play this music, master your axe and your
> mind." Then they would offer to help you, IF YOU WERE SERIOUS ABOUT
> BECOMMING A REAL JAZZ MUSICIAN. Man, you had to do a lot more than read the
> dots. Preparing the mind was more important. Listening was not enough, you
> had to HEAR. (Yes, there is a difference)
> Yet somehow, the jazz guys survived it all. How many of us today look down
> on cutting contests as if they were undignified behavior? Shoot, back then
> it was a part of paying your dues. Maybe since nobody does that anymore it
> contributes to the sissification of OKOM? :-) VBG.
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone
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