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> Tom:
> I hate to disagree with you, but as one who is in schools all over this  
> country almost every week of the school year, I must set the record  
> straight.
> NONE of the teachers I deal with are "dreaming of going on the road......"  
> Many of them hardly play an instrument any more. 

Hi Mike,
 and thanks for putting what I meant into better terms,  I don't think we are 
in disagreement at all about the jist of the comments, just in the root cause 
of the problems and you of course hit it dead on the head.

Your  factual experience and explanation however makes me cringe even more 
because I know you are out in it even more than I am and see a lot of it first 

So back to my original lamentations, What are "WE" going to do to change 
this, it is up to us entirely, not the school systems or athletic departments, we 
have got to get involved more with the educational system and take it back any 
way that we can.

Like I have said before, kids today have to go to College for four years to 
get a High School education, therefore we have to get back into the elementary 
schools and plant the seeds there if we are to ever hope to grow any future 
musical giants of any substance.

Keep on Keeping on Mike, we have only just begun to fight.  :))

Tom Wiggins
Now where are those checks for our "JAZZ FOR KIDS PROGRAM?"

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