[Dixielandjazz] obscure and sissiefied tunes

EDWIN COLTRIN boreda at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jun 14 09:32:22 PDT 2005

As a lurker and a wannabe, I have spent almost 67 years listening to OKOM and such variations as Robert Johnson, Blind Lemon and even Pinetop. 
When visiting and the years volunteering at the STJ, the opportunity to hear and see newbands plus renewing acquaintences with familiar performers, making judgements based upon my listening pleasure as is the right of every listener.
But watching and listening to the audiences reaction to the Band Leader's announcenment  that the next tune is "Never Swat A Fly" or "----Gum on the bedpost overnight---" or other such ditties. Makes a break in the constant buzz in the audience of conversation and brings lots of laughter also somewhat lessens the buzz. so that they may hear the lyrics.
In fact "swat a Fly" has been in mind as I chase and destroy those pesky critters.
I'm a traditionalist by nature and with a few exceptions ie: YBJB (MKOM) and variations during the West Coast Revival, listening held no interest for technical accomplisment. It could not be hummed or whistled or even a trace of any melody. In fact it was the lyrics and tunes of Bessie,  JRM and Satch, that made some very onerous details in the Army bearable besides some very dark days during combat have some meaning.
True, we collectively,  are an aging audience and the different festivals try to bring in new inovations to garner more customers, "Gator Beat" and other Zydeco bands are capturing a large audience at the STJ, in fact to overflow crowds and they are willing to get on the bus and be transported to wherever the next venue to hear them .Many of the tunes are not common to Trad Jazz, but the animatioon and exuberance of the performers is appealing to the audience.
Few if any, "Rhythm Rascals" in particular, get large attention just for the visual, Some stage antics are good as long as the music fits the bill. Bob's double bell euphonium and others , such as the ophicliede, make for iimproved audience knowledge. Their application to jazz is questionable, but it is an instrument for music. Sorry , Bob, didn't mean that to apply to you.
Time for a Talisker or Lagavulin,,
Ye Olde Mouldy Fygge
Ed Coltrin

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