[Dixielandjazz] Assunto Dukes Show on WWOZ!!!

Mike Marois Mike.Marois at HireLIVEMusic.com
Tue Jun 14 05:42:21 PDT 2005

Good Morning All;


Just wanted to let you all know that on this coming Friday morning
(06/17/2005) from 9am - 11am CST my cousins, Deano Assunto and Angela
Assunto-Soulas will be on the Bob French show on WWOZ in New Orleans.  They
will be talking about and playing the music of the Frank and Freddie
Assunto, the one and only Dukes of Dixieland, along with a whole host of
other topics.  It should be a very informative program.  


For those of you using Windows media player the streaming audio can be
listen to at:



If you use Real Audio streaming audio can be hear at:



You have to have an internet connection to listen to either of these
internet streaming audio links.  Hope you enjoy this program.


Mike Marois

tuba/computer Guru

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