[Dixielandjazz] RE: barbone e-mail

Jim O'Briant jobriant at garlic.com
Sun Jun 12 21:30:57 PDT 2005

Tito Martino wrote:

> I sent a message to your e-mail address, but it's blocked.  

Tito, that may be because your ISP, [ terra.com.br ], is notorious around
the world for harboring spammers and allowing spammers to send or relay
messages, unrestricted, through their servers.  My ISP also trapped your
message as spam, solely because it blocks all email from [ terra.com.br ].

I hope you will file a complaint with [ terra.com.br ] about the spam that
they permit, and how it prevents your emails from getting through.  Or, if
there is another alternative in Brazil, you may want to get a different
email address. 

Jim O'Briant
Gilroy, CA

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