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John:  Great comment.  As I have said there are many different styles of
vibrato.  Not being an expert on all the worlds vibrato technique or desired
tone especially as played in Europe.   I can't comment except that vibrato
seems to be a world wide phenomenon.

I would agree with you that the sound is different from what I've heard
here.  Clarinet players try for a full warm sound with a centered tone.  All
of the clarinets that I have ever played on seem to fall into the same

The only wrong way, in my opinion, to produce vibrato is to let it get into
the thought.  Some singers produce a thought vibrato but it's usually fast
and uncontrollable.  I call it the Minnie Mouse or Dolly Parton vibrato.
Doing that on san instrument restricts the air passage and will not give as
good a tone.  This is a definite style but it's one I really don't like.

Vibrato styles come and go as tastes change from fast to slow, none to a
lot, none to constant, twittering to a slow moan and everything in between.

I used to hate Pete Fountain's vibrato and now I'm starting to do it.  Go

Larry Walton
St. Louis
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> Vibrato:
> I believe pronounced vibrato is a New Orleans thing. Maybe it is French
> in origin? Listen to the vibrato French singers like Piaf used.

Hi, Folks:
People have been talking about Sop. sax and clarinet and vibrato.   I
posted, but I have been thinking about how the tone used by many
is "different" from that used by us Greek clarinetists.   It's not just that
we play Alberts (and often in C), but that we use a vibrato in the tone.   I
don't know how I do it actually; it's just the sound we hear and that we
 I remember having the opportunity of hearing Willie Humphrey at
Hall playing his Bb Albert about 14 or so years ago.   His tone was more
ours with a vibrato on that Albert clarinet.   He sure was a neat person
Best regards,
John Pappas
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