[Dixielandjazz] Louis Armstrong and his Hot Seven Live?

Robert Smith robert.smith at mitransport.no
Sun Jun 12 01:15:08 PDT 2005

Hello Steve,

As far as I know the Hot Seven never performed at a concert, and I think the Hot Five only ever gave one concert. 

For my part the question of records versus live concerts is irrelevant. I wasn't born when Oliver was playing. I've got the records and I play them often.

I saw several of the Jazz Greats in the UK in the 1950's - Armstrong, Ory, George Lewis, Eddie Condon, Billie Holiday, and Ellington in the early 1960's. I don't remember the performances being significantly different from the records. The memory is of the atmosphere, the sense of being present while history is being made.


Bob Smith

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