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Didn't Montgomery Clift play a jazz solo on a bugle in "From Here To 
Eternity" (Harry James, actually).
Great movie, BTW!
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> Burt wrote:
>>And let's not forget Bugle Sam Dekemmal (?) There has >always been
>>controvery about the spelling of his name
> Buglin' Sam Dekemel.....real name: Matthew Dekemel...had a unique lip, 
> which enabled him to play jazz on a bugle, as though it had valves.  Sam 
> was a "waffle man".  He had a horse drawn wagon on which he made fresh hot 
> waffles, and would use his bugle to signal attract trade.  He spawned a 
> number of imitators in the waffle business, who also used to ride through 
> residential areas at breakfast time, using a bugle to announce their 
> presence; but all of the imitators just played standard bugle calls.  I 
> remember going out in the morning and getting six small waffles with 
> powdered sugar for 5 cents.
>     When Tony Almerico was doing his Sunday afternoon sessions at the 
> Parisian Room, Sam was usually invited to come up and do a number with the 
> band.
>      Pat Cooke
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>> And let's not forget Bugle Sam Dekemmal (?) There has always been
>> controvery about the spelling of his name. In the late 40's, I could get
>> WWL from New Orleans in Sacramento and on Sunday afternoon, which was 
>> early
>> evening in NO, I could get a program which had the likes of George 
>> Girard,
>> Papa Celestin, Bugle Sam, Sharky and others. I had an early Webcor which
>> made wax recrds off the air and I recorded many programs. Wish I had them
>> now.
>> Burt Wilson
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>>> Wow, you were in the thick of the revival, Pat. My brother Don and I
>>> were a bit younger than you, but I'm betting we crossed paths somewhere
>>> since we both did spot gigs all around town as teens, then Don went pro
>>> for the rest of his life. BTW, I'm doing a short sketch on how Catholic
>>> musicians often used to meet after Sat. night gigs at the 3 a.m.
>>> "fisherman's mass" at Star of the Sea church on St. Roch Ave. Does that
>>> ring a bell with you?
>>> On your other topic, it seems that amped basses are here to stay, and
>>> for me it's how they're played that counts--as with acoustic bass,
>>> played with an ear towards working as a unit with the rhythm section.
>>> And not too loud, dammit. The quality of the sound is important but if
>>> the rhythm is flowing, forget the preconceptions and have a great time
>>> with what's there.
>>> Charlie Suhor
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