[Dixielandjazz] Trumpets and Cornets

paolo d'amore flicorno at tiscali.it
Fri Jun 10 03:12:04 PDT 2005

hi all,
trumpets (and trombones, same family) are 3/4 cylindrical and 1/4 conical (from bell to first bend), 
flugelhorns (all of them, from tuba to sopranino, whole family) 1/4 cylindrical and 3/4 conical (from bell to last valve), 
cornet, like horns (same family?, whole conical?). 
does anybody agree with me?

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From: "Craig I. Johnson" <civanj at adelphia.net>

Further, (or, to further confuse....)
There is an explanation I read that the cornet is (on average)  2/3 conical and 1/3 cylindrical whilst
the trumpet is the reverse.

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