[Dixielandjazz] RE: SOUND at SJJ

Tim Eldred julepjerk at surewest.net
Wed Jun 8 20:31:04 PDT 2005

The worst sound we found at this year's jubilee were at the RV pavilion (no
vocals, and the music was mushy - happened every set, no matter which band
was on the stand or what they asked for), the Cove (again, no vocals and the
sound people didn't care when I spoke to them), and the Sheraton ballroom
(simple system, inadequate to the volume and the vocals).  At one set at the
Hyatt ballroom, the bass was so overamped that virtually nothing else could
be heard, and the sound people did not respond to the band's requests...

There seemed to be a major issue with the monitors versus the main
speakers - they may have balanced the monitors, but the main speakers were
terribly out of whack.

Granted that many of the sound systems may be staffed with volunteers.  But,
would it be too much to ask that they be required to go through a basic
board/balance training to be able to give the paying folks a reasonable

Tim Eldred
Roseville, CA

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