[Dixielandjazz] Re Inventing Past Songs instead of Reprising them

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I would think that Paul Anka's target audience might be a few years younger
than Pat Boone's target audience when he made that album of Heavy Metal
songs several years ago.  Anka was popular in the late '50s/early '60s,
pre-Beatles.  I'm younger than his target audience, and I'm 55.

Hal Vickery

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I haven't heard them yet so I have no opinion, except, to remind ourselves
that "we" are not Paul Anka's target audience. No doubt most of us would
hate the album.

I think the question is whether or not the "new audience" will like them. I
seriously doubt that Anka is targeting us old folks with an average age of
dead. As an audience, we have nothing of value to offer him.

Your ending question, "What do I know" may hold the key. It is wise to
remove our personal opinion from the marketing equation because Paul Anka
knows what he is doing and he is not doing it specifically for us. :-) VBG

Steve Barbone

on 6/8/05 11:46 AM, Williams, Bob at robert.c.williams at eds.com wrote:

> I think it's more accurate to say he's trying to re-invent *new* songs
> and make them relevant to an *old* audience, ness paw?
> I heard his version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" yesterday on the radio.
> As a closet Nirvana fan, I must say I found his version ludicrous.  How
> is this different from Montovani making elevator music out of Beatles
> tunes, or Pat Boone doing heavy metal covers?  Ick.  I find it kind of
> smarmy and opportunistic.  I reckon Kurt Cobain is rolling in his grave.
> Billy Idol and the Cure are out in the back practicing rolling in
> *their* graves.
> The album is getting mixed reviews on Amazon, though, most of them
> better than I would expect.  Perhaps it's worth a listen.  What do I
> know?
> Bob Williams
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> Don't tell Paul Anka that Rock songs are trash and don't swing. His
> newest album seems to belie that old saw. Has he discovered that it is
> possible to re invent old songs and make them relevant to a new
> audience? Looks like it from early critical acclaim.
> And just what is this audience comprised of? People who like swinging
> music? Might just be a lesson here for some OKOM bands that want larger
> audiences.
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone 
> Paul Anka Is Back, 63 and Swinging
> By LORNE MANLY Published: June 8, 2005 NY Times  (Snipped for brevity)

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