[Dixielandjazz] The Kenny G Effect

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I thought that I would see creativity at work when I asked that
question and you did really good!     Now here is a hard one.    What
would be the Guy Lombardo effect?


On 6/4/05, Hal Vickery <hvickery at svs.com> wrote:
> A few years ago AT&T Broadband or whoever what is now Comcast here in IL
> recorded a concert by Kenny G's group from Green Dolphin Street in Chicago.
> One moment caused me to laugh so hard I almost split a gut.  After one of
> Kenny G's interminably boring sessions of playing scales someone in the
> audience let go with a "Whoo!"  I think he was thought that's what jazz fans
> are supposed to do after a great solo.  Either that, or he is the type who
> could be emotionally moved by paint drying.
> Hal Vickery
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> Henry Mason wrote me off list and wondered if there is a Mozart Effect, is
> there also a Kenny G effect on children? Maybe so. After repeated listening
> the following happens.
> KENNY G. EFFECT: Child exhibits a morbid fascination with riding elevators
> in buildings all over the USA to listen to the music while clapping on the
> beat, and saying "cool".
> Who will disprove it?
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