[Dixielandjazz] Merimbula Jazz Festival

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Wed Jun 8 16:32:34 PDT 2005


seeya there. I'll be with the Riviera Band. Kim Rushworth who formerly ran the Maple Leaf Jazz Band in Melbourne will be playing clarinet with us this year. 1 band is enough for an old bloke like me. Plenty of time to enjoy the great range of bands there. My 2nd time at Merimbula. I'l try not to be late for the parade this time.

A 7 hour drive from Melbourne. We hope not to get caught up in the mob of 500 or so mountain horsemen who will be travelling the same road to Eastern Victoria after taking over the city 2day and demonstrating outside Parliament House. 

Tony (don't fence me in} Orr
banjo - Riviera Dixieland Jazz Band
Sale, Vic

Greg Simmons <Greg.Simmons at CeLTS.monash.edu.au> wrote:

>OK , how many from the list will be at the Merimbula Jazz Festival 
>(Australia) next weekend (10th - 13th June)? I will be playing with the 
>Wonderdogs, the Doody Boo Jug Band, Jazzorama, and a couple of sets 
>with Nyn Hamilton. Should be heaps of fun and hopefully some good surf 
>after the festival.
>Hang ten
>Greg "Silvershoes" Simmons
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