[Dixielandjazz] Lurkers (was Attn All Members)

EDWIN COLTRIN boreda at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jun 8 16:10:38 PDT 2005

as a lurker (?), I wish to offer a comment or two.
When I first heard sop sax on the records of the Hot Club of France, circa 1940's, I wasn't too impressed. When George Probert brought out the sax at Victors and Roxies, withthe Scobey band, I took a dislike to the horn, hasn't changed.
Uke, now I can practice my uukulele and not feel like Godfrey, accommodates my short fingers which get stretched to play guitar.
"Neat, no back"
Ye olde Mouldy Fygge
Ed Coltrin

Bill Haesler <bhaesler at bigpond.net.au> wrote:
Dear friends,
Time's Up!
Taking Mr Ringwald's admonition to heart, and assuming that I was one of the
"two real members & ten associate members" dominating the DJML, I have
refrained from posting to the list for the suggested two days.
And what did we get?
A few welcome lurkers, several new threads and..............
the great Bunk Johnson defamed, and what may be, a snide aurally-based
comment involving the saxophone playing of Rudy Wiedoeft, that wonderful
pioneering exponent of Mr Adolfe Sax's great 19th century invention!
And me, in self-inflicted seclusion, unable to defend either of them!!
Shame on you Mopsy and Snogpitch!
[Just kidding.]
Kind regards,

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