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I play the Uke--a Tenor Uke which John Robinson built for me (that's
between a soprano and a Baritone)--on two tunes with the Silver Dollar Jazz
Band. I use it to back Sugar Willie on "Hula Lou" and I use it with the
band when I sing "My little Bimbo." I have played the Uke since I was seven
years old and think it is one marvelous instrument. In the 50's there was a
guy in Sacramento named Joe Tatti who was a uke master and played local
scenes and county fairs and was really terrific. Want me to bring it

I LOVE the UKE in a jazz band.


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> Edgerton writes (regarding a uke in a dixie combo):
> >Might be an interesting sound, but calling this Dixie is a bit of a
> >stretch.  But then, I didn't really think of Palm Springs Yacht Club as
> >a Dixie band either. IMO, it takes more than playing tunes like Clarinet
> >Marmalade and Tiger Rag to be a Dixie band.
> This is why I recommended the baritone uke - it's almost like a smaller 
> guitar (tuned just like a guitar) and has a fuller sound than the tinkly 
> little soprano uke with the fourth string pitched almost as high as the 
> first string (my dog has fleas).
> To my ear, the soprano uke goes plink-a plink-a . . . and the baritone
> swings!
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