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Henry Mason hcmsjo at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 23:46:39 PDT 2005

On 6/6/05, Art Terry <duckbucket at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Bad idea, Roberto, there are good reasons for the silence in many cases.

A comment from the bushes of lurkdom.

Hi guys,   I am one of the new ones here and really don't have a whole
lot to contribute as 99 percent of my musical experience is 30 years
running a big band.    I grew up playing dixieland and lately some of
my bandmates and I have been working on a dixie band to compliment the
big band.   I got on the list to ask a few dumb questions and to learn
the current state of OKOM.

You guys have a true treasure in Steve Barbone.  Not only is he
running a very successful band  but he goes to the trouble of telling
you how he does it.   As someone who has spent many years marketing a
full sized 17 piece dance orchestra with singers,  I can appreciate
any trick from any source when it comes to getting the word out and
the band booked.

(stand up and say aw shucks Steve!)

Another thing I really like about this list is that when you make a
comment or ask a question you aren't ignored.   I have been on other
lists where a non "In crowd" poster is completely ignored even if his
post is completely relevant or his question entirely appropriate.  
This has happened to me and many others on other lists but not this
one.  Pat yourselves on the back guys, you have a good and helpful
community here and I for one appreciate what you have to say.

I am glad to see how well bands are doing and agree with Steve that
getting in front of the young folks is a key.   The "Swing Revival" of
a few years ago was the best thing to happen to our big band in years
and we are now working more than ever.   We are rehearsing our
Dixieland band with the same attention to detail as our big band, and
when it is ready I expect to work some of the "small venue" gigs that
we now farm out.

Thanks for all the help and encouragement.

Henry Mason
Sentimental Journey Orchestra
Atlanta GA

And yet unnamed baby Dixie band.

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