[Dixielandjazz] Attn All Members

Art Terry duckbucket at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 6 20:55:51 PDT 2005

As one of the 480 or so lurkers, I might suggest that the content of my 
contributions to this listing would have little bearing on the subjects of 
interest to the vast majority of readers.  I read the DJML postings for two 
reasons: to see if anyone had any comments on the Boondocker performances, 
and to pick up an occassional musical anecdote.  Any contributions I might 
make, if forced to, would have the authority and value equivalent to those 
who have an opinion about how the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee organizors should 
do things who have never actually set foot in Sacramento during the Memorial 
day weekend.

Bad idea, Roberto, there are good reasons for the silence in many cases.

Art (the "gut" in gut bucket)Terry

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