[Dixielandjazz] King Oliver texts?

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Hi Don,

The classic book about Oliver is "King Oliver" by Laurie Wright, Storyville

430 pages+ of all you need to know. The text was originally by Walter Allen
and Brian Rust and this was the work I first had in the '50s. I mislaid the
book but was subsequently able to acquire the considerably updated and
expanded edition of 1987 which I believe is the most recent one.

Like most of the books dealing with early jazz points of debate may be found
but Laurie's work is encyclopaedic in scope.
As of last year there were still a few copies available from Storyville
Publications, 66 Fairview Drive, Chigwell ,Essex 1G7 6HS, England. Laurie
does use a computer so you will have to use snail mail to reach him.

Good luck, Glen.

P.S. To Bob Ringwald, here is another lurker arising from the ashes.
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> An upcoming Riverwalk show at Stanford this July will be about King
> Oliver. Our guest will be the great Duke Heitger.
> Does anyone have any favorite texts about the life and contributions of
> Oliver?
> It seems to me that Oliver and Armstrong must be understood together, as
> the beginning and ending of an historical development in jazz and in
> cornet playing. Of course Oliver had his antecedents, but they weren't
> recorded so we'll never know what they sounded like. And then there's
> Bunk, but he was, well, bunk!
> mopo
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