[Dixielandjazz] Sacramento - My comments about the 2005 Jubilee

Rebecca rebecca.e.thompson at verizon.net
Mon Jun 6 06:49:41 PDT 2005

I have heard so many people say they think that the SJJ would be too crowded
and to hard to get to venues.  With the number of available venues, it is no
more crowded than festivals held at hotels where everyone is packed into
little rooms.  If walking is not your thing, you can pick a spot and stay
there all day if you like.  There is food available at each venue.  Busses
running from Old Town to the Convention Center (about a mile apart) helps a
lot.  We were able to get to each venue within the 30 minutes that is
between sets.  If you haven't been there, you just don't understand!  The
spirit of all the people is one factor that makes it so fun.

I took pictures of everyone at the Bloody Mary Party.  My plan was to post
them on a web page for all to see.   The bad news is I accidentally deleted
all the pictures I had taken at the Jubilee.  The good news is that there
are no incriminating pictures of listmates at the BMP!


We started the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee this year with the Annual Bloody Mary
Party.  I have come to think of this gathering as a Family Reunion.  When
some members do not show up, they definitely are missed...  And when some
show up who have not attended before, I feel overjoyed.  Sorry Meg Graf had
to leave early Friday morning.

Next came the parade, which we viewed from a different location than
usual... This time across from the Reviewing Stand.  WHAT A MISTAKE!!!! ...
The bands all played facing Bill Gunter with their backs to us!

The WEATHER WAS WON-DER-FUL!  Fri, Sat and Sun the temperature was in the
upper 70's -- during the DAY.  I think Monday got into the upper 80's.

	- Blue Street at Freeway Gardens with Papa George Probert.

	- Titan Hot 7.  It was a let down not to see Bob Draga on the stage.
Never occurred to me he wouldn't play all sets with them.  HOWEVER, Jim
Snider ?(Snyder) did a great job on clarinet.  Amazing how much energy that
band generates.
	- Jim Cullum Jazz Band -- highlight  was watching and hearing Mike
Waskiewicz., drummer.  We thought he was good 5 years ago -- and he was ---
but now!  He is GREAT!  AND he is only a KID!  Well... About 22 or 23 years
old.   They featured him on the Ray Baduc song, "Smokin' Mary" and was
fantastic.  Made me feel proud, like a parent who has watched her own child

	- Oregon Jazz Band -  Enjoyed especially Vicki Cox.

	-  Natural Gas Jazz Band - another enjoyable band!  Think this was a
first time for us.


	 -Started off with Richards' Two Beat Bombers at the Convention
Center.  We were very disappointed a couple of years ago when they were
taken off the schedule.   The band consisted of Jim Mahack, tuba; Howard
Miata, trombone; Jim Ritter, cornet; Jim Buckman, reeds; George Probert,
soph. sax; Hal Smith, drums; sorry... Missed the name for the banjo player
and Bill Richards on piano.  

	- High Sierra  --  Brad Shaw has to take a sabbatical because of
health reasons and Simon Stribling will be filling in.  He seems so happy
when he is playing.  (Not to mention he is so cute!).

	- Hal's Angels - At Crocker Park  Enjoyed that venue very much and
it is not a far walk from the Holiday Inn (and the busses).  G
	- Sonny Leyland Trio - George Probert joined them.  

	- Cal Repercussions - NOW THIS WAS AN EXPERIENCE!  Quoting from the
program, "Made up of former musicians from Cal, Stanford and other colleges,
this is a loud, fast, fun-loving street band...."   They featured groups
from within the band including some of their children - probably 8 years to
12 years old -  that would rival any youth band.

	-  Buck Creek at the Golden Eagle Room -- Great venue for them.

	-  Sac A Pulses (from France) -  Another thumbs up.  

	- Boba (from Poland) - ditto


	- Night Blooming JazzMen for the Hymn-a-long

	- Titan Hot Seven  - This time with Draga gusted.

	-  Fulton Street -- Love that Bob! (and the girl singer!)

	-  Dr. Bach and the Practitioners -  Another first time band for us.
	-  Cell Block Seven --- Words can't describe! ;-)

	-  Midnight Rose -- TOO much banter between band members....

	-  Climax -  Always love to hear them.

	- Baker's New Orleans Jazz Band 

	-  Grand Dominion -  WOW!  What a difference Bob Jackson makes.
EVERYONE in the band played so much better and with more energy than I have
seen since Bob left the lineup.  Wish we had seen them more than one time at
the Jubilee.

	-  Reynolds' Rascals --  FUN AND GOOD MUSIC!

	- Titanic - First time to hear... LOVED THEM!
	- Blue Street -- This was at the Crest and we hurried down from the
Convention Center.   The theme was Mardi Gras, and so the music was very
lively.   When we walked in, the place was PACKED!   I love Blue Street, but
I wasn't aware they had that kind of following!   We finally squeezed into
two inside balcony seats and the lady next to me was working a crossword
puzzle..  Jim and I are tapping our feet, clapping our hands and when she
finished her crossword puzzle, she read the rest of the paper, including the
TV Schedule!  I couldn't take it any longer, and I looked at her and said,
"Isn't this a great band?" and she (without looking up) said without
emotion, "yes... I've never heard them before."  THEN it was announced that
the Royal Society Jazz Orchestra was next and I found out who all these
sedate people were!  They were just waiting in a cool spot for "their kind
of music".


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