[Dixielandjazz] I love kenny G too.

Sam Meerkin/Evelyne Perks smeerkin at melbpc.org.au
Sun Jun 5 06:55:14 PDT 2005

Kenny G fans may enjoy this.
Hotel guy: OK, that completes your check in, your room is # 124, right
down the hall.=20
Musician: Thanks, it's nice to have a night off and just relax for a
change. I'll think I'll have a nice dinner, glass of wine, and go =
somewhere to hear someone else play for a change. Do you have any jazz =
clubs in this town?
Hotel guy: Well we happen to have an excellent restaurant right here in =
the hotel and tonight is jazz night in our lounge.
Musician: WOW, I wonder if I would know anyone in the band?
Hotel guy: Well, I know the pianist's name is Oscar Peterson.
Musician: WOW, "THE" Oscar Peterson?
Hotel guy: well, not "THE" Oscar Peterson, but he happens to play piano =
and he is a local player who we think very highly of.
Musician: Well, I'll give him a listen.
Hotel guy: And I think the bass players name is Ray Brown.
Musician: WOW, "THE" Ray Brown?
Hotel guy: Well, not "THE" Ray Brown, but his name is Raymond Brown
and he happens to also play bass.
Musician: Well, I'll check him out.
Hotel guy: The drummers name is Louis Bellson.
Musician: WOW,.......... (you know the drill by now)
Hotel guy: and the horn player is Kenny G.
Musician: WOW, "THE" Kenny G?
Hotel guy: I'm afraid so !

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