[Dixielandjazz] Re: my version of stomp off lets go,

luis daniel flores luda at arnet.com.ar
Sun Jun 5 05:46:11 PDT 2005

Thanks Bill ´´the Spanish translator´´,
It is very interesting how you translate to the Spanish.
I had hard time doing it. I put, ´´vamos, movamonos con el stomp´´ something
like that. But your translation is more correct, I think.
When Armstrong recorded this tune, he could be as his best: hot, technically
right, soulful and very fast (at some point at about 44 sec. of the
recording, He made almost an entire scale in about two 2 seconds). I
understand now what you said about having two pianist, in the middle the
solo piano part (1:33 of the recording) Lil playing on the right side
(slower and mellow) and Teddy Weatherford on the left (faster stride like)
because are different styles. But at the end it could be only one pianist
(Teddy Weatherford)

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