[Dixielandjazz] Re: my version of stomp off lets go,

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Sat Jun 4 22:14:39 PDT 2005

Dear Luis,
Regarding: "Vamos, se acabó el stomp".
As a dedicated collector I have, as you can imagine, quite a few versions of
this great Elmer Schroebel tune.
This is what is in my collection:
Fred Ham and His Orch.  30 April 1925.  Timeless CD 1-072
Richard Hitter's Blues Knights.  11 Sept 1925.  Timeless CD 1-063
New Orleans Owls.  25 Sept 1925.  Frog CD DGF 2
Sam Lanin and His Roseland Orch. 7 Oct 1925. LPs. TOM 34. VJM 52
Savoy Orpheans. 23 Oct 1925. Halcyon LP
The Cotton Pickers. 19 Nov 1925.  Grannyphone LP.
Erskine Tate and His Vendome Orch. 28 May 1926.
€Perhaps this last version, with Louis, was so magnificent that the tune was
not recorded again until 23 Jan 1939 by:
Bob Crosby and His Orch. 23 Jan 1939. Halcyon CD
Chris Barber's NO Jazz Band.  26 Oct 1951
*Len Barnard's Jazz Band. Oct 1953. Jazzart LP
Pee Wee Hunt. 1956. Capitol LP
*Ade Monsbourgh and His Late Hour Boys.  Dec 1958. Columbia LP
*Ballarat Jazz Messengers.  1969. W&G LP
Max Collie's Rhythm Aces.  20 Feb 1973.  Happy Bird LP
*Len Barnard's Famous Jazz Band.  22 Feb 1973. Swaggie LP
Original Jazz Band.  July 1974.  Redondel LP (Surprised?)
Weatherbird Jazzband.  4 Oct 1981. Stomp Off LP
Tomas Ornberg's Blue Five.  2 Feb 1982. Stomp Off LP
Hot Shots.  April 1983. Tobacco Road LP
*Storyville Jazz Band.  25 Oct 1993. Newmarket CD
*Neville Stribling Jazz Players.  25-26 Feb 1989. CD NS-1
Note: Records noted * are Australian bands!
Very kind regards,


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